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When a machine fails the first step is to call Matt's Tractor Repair! We will schedule a pick-up within a few days of your call and have you back to task as fast as possible!! Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


We will access the cost of necessary repairs within 24 hours and contact you for approval. Once the repair is approved by the customer, parts are procured and the repair process begins.


Our average time between pick-up and delivery is 1 week. We understand how important our role in your productivity is and do everything possible to help you get the job done.


The three easy steps to every repair are always prefaced by three questions always asked of us by our customer; How fast, How much, and Is it worth it? We consider repair cost versus the value of the machine for every job we do and take into account replacement value. Involving the customer in the decision process creates a clear expectation, clearly defines our role in the repair event and adds considerable value to our service. We pride ourselves on repeat business and do our best to leave only satisfied customers in our wake. Call today for service beyond expectation!!!